Friday, 11 October 2013

Perspex And Crystals.......A Girls Dream

I noticed the Perspex trend starting last S/S12 with some of the top designers and gorgeous models gracing the catwalks with Perspex accessories. These ranged from Jewellery, small bags and even heels on shoes to add another dimension to their looks.

Sometimes there are trends that appear on these catwalks that don't take off, or are a flash in the pan and sometimes not worth investing in, but you know straight away the ones which are going to stay for the season, and even better the trends that seem to be timeless classics and come round and round again.

The perspex theme amongst fashionista and designers shows no sign of slowing down which has been clearly seen in Fashion Week 2013 displaying a strong admiration for all things perspex and not just accessories but now venturing into skirts, coat inserts and paneled tops, creating maximum texture.

The clutch bags are something of a favourite for me, I am actually quite addicted to bags and as i have been told previously already have too many!

Accessorizing with these bags means you can create such adaptable looks for example mixing it up with a sporty edge or creating a look which is slightly more masculine with sharp clothing, then there's the soft feminine look with a pretty dress and killer heels.

There are various styles, shapes and designers who have all ventured into the gorgeousness of these clutch bags such as Chanel, Stella McCartney and Charlotte Olympia giving us clutches we did nothing but drool over..

A brand which has took these clutch bags one step further and who have captured the love for peoples lust for jewels, crystals, basically anything bling is Shouruk, This brand encapsulates everything about bling with the most amazing pieces of jewellery that you would love to own!

Shouruk have also picked up on the fact the Perspex trend is coming think and fast and have added a range of stunning bags to their collection... From Clear to Neon to Tortoise Shell there is something in this range everyone would love!

The only set back for these amazing bags both discussed above is the price tag, yes 90% of us could not justify spending hundreds of pounds of a clutch bag, unless drunken online shopping took place in which you would be sending it straight back and hoping for a quick refund on your credit card or if you have a very rich man to treat you, which unfortunately i don't!

This does cause a problem for people like me who want to be part of carrying something which is so amazing but no matter how hard you work you will never have the spare fund to splurge on items like this..

Well fear not as Gifts4Gifts have something which you will absolutely love... Take hold for the 

This range offers what all of us working girls are looking for, Fashion, Trends, Colour, a statement Piece the list is endless.

These box perspex clutches are amazing quality, they are adorned with gems, stones and spikes to create a unique and showstopping look which will certainly complete your evening attire and will make people turn heads.

They come with a secure fastening at the top with a chrome trim and inside is provided with a chrome chain which can be attached and used as bag as well as a clutch.

The range comes in 3 colourways:

The Green and the Byzanthium are perfect for a younger fashionista who loves nothing but bright colours and bold designs! They would look amazing against a little black dress!

The Colbolt design is a little more understated, ideal for an older age who wants to be the forefront of fashion but to also have something which will blend well with their current look and attire.

The best part about these bags is that they are a fraction of a cost to what one of the Designer bags would cost you and are only £39.99, With Gifts4Gifts offering free UK Delivery on orders over £20 this is a fantastic price!

I will be definitely investing in one of these, and think you should all too ;-)

Please also look out for my next blog which will be a guide on how to style your clutch coming very soon!

Thanks For Reading