Thursday, 10 October 2013

Guest Blogger: Annette's Wish List

Hello Everyone

Christmas is fast approaching, even with Halloween still to come we are all now starting to think about Christmas and what gifts we need to buy, and most importantly what we would love to receive.

I thought it would be a good chance to do a Guest Blog from the ever so lovely Annette.

Annette doesn't blog herself, but i wanted to get another persons opinion on what their top picks would be for Christmas this year from all the fabulous gifts on Gifts4Gifts.

Here are Annette's Top Picks and Review Write up

  1. From me to you - Dear Grandma £12.99
I would love this journal to share with my Grandson, he loves to hear about all the things I used to do when I was little and even wanted to see the house I grew up in (we had a lovely day in the Peak District). 
It would be good to share our memories too ….the holidays we've had etc.


I would also give "Bump to Birthday" to our eldest daughter as she is expecting her first child next year!

I have the hardest to tame, thickest hair you have ever seen…..I do use rollers but because my hair is so thick it takes HOURS to dry, these rollers would be ideal as my hair might actually dry overnight and keep it’s style better. With the tutorial DVD to help me on my way…lovely!!

I have been lucky enough to see these clutch bags in the flesh (so to speak!) and no image I have seen does them justice….. they are fabulous!
The Byzanthium one is probably the most appropriate for me, the other two are seriously trendy, my daughters and nieces have already got them earmarked. Any one of the three would be a welcome gift, they could accessorize any outfit as the colours really pop and they are good quality too. They aren't too see through either so what’s in your bag is still your business!!

4.  Ros Shiers - Love Potion No. 9 £39.99

I am a perfume-aholic as anyone who knows me will tell you! I love looking at all the different bottles on my dressing table and smelling good too of course. 
This piece of Wall Art would just give me great pleasure and look fab in my bedroom.

I love this travel wallet and it just so happens the one I am using at the moment is really shabby. The design on this Metropolitan Wallet features one of my favourite cities, and would stop all that flustering at the airport because everything will be together. I love the bright colours and think it’s a real good quality product, Now i just need to plan a holiday so i can use it!

I love candles and have them all over the house. These Bomb Candles are so pretty and smell fab. I've chosen the “Gorgeous” one for obvious reasons, but actually any one of the range would make a lovely gift as they are all lovely and have a fantastic lasting fragrance.

Thank you everyone for reading my wish list, please leave your comments on your best items from our site Gifts4Gifts 
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