Thursday, 19 September 2013

Autumn Fair 2013 Whats new!

Hello Everyone! It's me if you haven't forgotten! 

As you know I haven't wrote for a while, I've been so busy and also had a nice week off work which was supposed to be relaxing but ended up decorating and constantly tidying up all the mess each day!

Before I start can I just say a huge thank you for everyone so far who has been onto the site and purchased from the site its so great to see you all liking our products as much as we do... If there are any comments or items you would like to see then please do get in touch we would love to here your feedback.

I recently visiting Autumn fair at the Birmingham NEC which is basically a huge trade show that has suppliers selling Gifts, Cards, Homeware, Gadgets, Toys, Books you name it, its there!

I thought it would be a really good to talk through some of the key items I saw whilst I was there and give you a brief overview on what you can expect for Christmas and a tiny sneak peek of some of the items you will see on very very soon!

So firstly there are so many halls in this place, so I would definitely advise you plan plan plan before you go! If your purchasing products for your store or website you will know what items your looking for, what range gaps you have etc. Going armed with your information pack and all your notes is key!

A lot of the Exhibitors have show offers, so do check for these as there could be some great savings made when purchasing your stock!

I would also do research on your suppliers to, see who else they supply, how long they have been running for also checking there latest accounts to make sure there in a stable position would be good advise. 

The halls which I was more interested in where Design Led products, Gifts and Homeware! 

So what did I See? Well Lots and Lots and Lots, see below for some of the stand out products for me..

First mention Goes too these brilliant Gummy Bear Night Lights..

I absolutely love these! They have a soft gummy like texture and you squeeze there tummy to turn the night light on and off giving a lovely glow in the colour you choose!

They come in a wide range of colours, the below being my favourite:

These are perfect for children, but even for someone like me who is a big kid at heart! 
The price of these are around £19.99 mark and are such a brilliant gift for Christmas especially if your looking for something a little bit different!

The second mention goes a stunning range of Accessories which are based around a Metropolitan lifestyle.
The products focuses on popular cities London, Paris, Venice and New York using their map prints and a fantastic colour palette which when you see these makes you want every single piece!

This is a concise range of travel must haves and I for sure will certainly be buying lots of bits for when I go on my travels.

My Top picks from this would be so hard as i think there all lovely but i love the New York Travel Case (to make this even better its lined with Apples!! For anyone who knows me they will understand how excited this makes me ha!) and the Venice Travel Wallet are a must have for me!

New York Travel Case

Venice Travel Wallet
I looked at these items in person and the detail on these are outstanding, so worth the money with amazing finishing touches of linings, name tags that give a product that edge above any other on the market.

Lastly there are sooo many brilliant products which are ideal for Christmas!

Take a look at some items which I spotted on my trip that are the ideal Stocking Fillers / Secret Santa gifts for this Christmas

 Crazy Cat Nail Art Stickers
 Laundry Punch Bag

Mason Jar Shot Glasses

Balloonatics - Speech Bubble Balloons

Birdy Lipbalm Duo
Ibed Lap Desk

I could go on forever due to the sheer volume of the gifts which would all make amazing presents...

Please keep your eyes peeled on our website as there will be new lines coming on every day from now on where your sure to find lots of the items above plus much much more!
Thanks for reading