Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Would Being A Millionaire Change Your Christmas??

Christmas is one of my most favourite times of the year, but for me and also a lot of people it is also a very stressful time!
Now i have a child of my own it has become even more stressful as i want to make sure its the most magical it can be for my son, but in doing this it also becomes quite expensive!

The kids toy adverts are in full force and all i am hearing at the moment is i want this, i want that, mum i want that, Wow mum i definitely want that pointing too the Despicable Me 2 Remote Control Minion! And my reply is always, well you will have to see what Father Christmas brings, he only brings presents to all the children who have been good all year and so on!

I think i carry a lot of guilt as i am a full time working mum and have been since Cohen was 8 months old, working long hours trying to earn a living and to build my career which will ultimately give him a better life and future.
I sometimes envy stay at home mums, parents who can afford to spend all there days bringing up their children, but then i don't think i could handle not having a career, which is my passion and is part of who i am. Plus i know that the Childcare my son has had has been loving and nurturing and has certainly made him into the polite and confident boy he is today. Many families now have to take their children into full time childcare and the ones who don't are very lucky indeed.

Feeling a little stressed out and panicking thinking will there be enough presents and gifts for my son on Christmas Day i then started to day dream on what Christmas would be like if we were Millionaires?!

For sure the gifts would certainly be more extravagant, Take a look at some of these from Neiman Marcus Christmas Yuletide Book, which supplies many gifts for the wealthy!

At over six foot high, five feet wide, and four feet deep, this is a real life gingerbread house which looks mouthwatering! Priced at a mere £9,500 and made from gingerbread, royal icing, lollipops, cookies and gum drops it have been created by New Yorks Dylans Candy Bar!

Another gifts a millionaire may splash out on would be the Metro Houseboat and costs £157,000, the River Thames style home is 48 feet long and has an open floor plan! Woweee!

Next up a 50th Anniversary His and Her Charm bracelet made from  18kt White and Yellow Gold is priced at £156,000!! Now even if i did have the ridiculous amounts of money to spend on a bracelet I don't think it would buy the below! I'd be happy with a Mona Mara 22kt Gold plated Bracelet!!

So, apart from the Over the top gifts, would Christmas be any different? 

No is my answer... 

When i actually thought what were the best bits about Christmas, Why do i enjoy it so much? The answer is FAMILY!

Spending time with my little family, Making up for all those recent long working hours and early starts to then being able to enjoying spending 2 weeks off work and doing nothing but eat, drink, watch films cosy in front of the fire, spend time with my boy playing with him, going for long walks and nice meals out. Visiting relatives and spending time with everyone. 
Yes the presents are nice, but there not what i remember and to be honest lots of gifts are still sat in my cupboard from last year which haven't even been used yet!

The lesson I've learnt here is that yes i want to give my son a brilliant Christmas, and yes i will be purchasing items for him, but i will also be spending my time with him which is precious and it is this time which he will remember and the memories he will have and not how many parcels he has to open.

Thanks for reading