Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Christmas Traditions

Well its that time of year when we're all thinking about Christmas and starting to make plans for the festive session! The organised one's will have completed their shopping, the super organised will have completed their shopping and have it all wrapped ready in coordinating wrapping paper! And the not so organised (pointing no fingers) has absolutely nothing prepared and a huge list which seems to be growing by the second on what I need to get!

So who has set traditions they follow each Christmas? I have a few, one of which is to bake our own Christmas Cake, even though i personally don't like fruit cake, but its the fun of it and a family tradition which has to be kept up.

Another one was to always decorate my grandparents tree, sadly i am unable to do this anymore but i will always have a toast to them (using my new Sagaform Christmas Schnapps Glasses i may add) in hand when doing my own tree with my little boy.

Christmas Cards are one of those traditions that i never seem to commit too! Every year I purchase beautiful Christmas designed cards, spend the evening writing them out, put them in my car, write the addresses on the ones i need to post out and then what happens? 6 months later there still sat in the box or stuffed inside my glove compartment still waiting to be delivered! Really i should be super savy and keep hold of them to use this time round, however they always end up going in the recycling bin when im having one of my mad clear outs ( I blame my dad for me inheriting this trait)

So as were talking about Christmas Cards, i came across an article in the Telegraph which made me giggle lots! I am now looking to purchase some new Christmas Card, which I will definitely be posting out this year without fail! So if all my family and friends don't get one you need to tell me off! ha!

These are some Christmas cards however i most certainly WILL NOT be sending....although they send me into fits of giggles looking at this collection of the Worst Christmas Photo's EVER from www.awkwardphotos.com..... 

It would be great if you could upload any of your most embarrassing Christmas Photo's!  I will see what ones I can dig out from back in the day haha!

Thanks Everyone